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[sticky post] ~Plundering Sails!

This post is Ctrl-F friendly! (Excluding flats and freebies)

Granted sales permission on 8/8/12 by allinia

Feedback is located Here

Also, small discounts if buying in bulk!


I ship from the United States. (IA) (Land of the corn and slipknot)
I only accept Paypal. No E-checks! (I'm not that mean though so ask if you need~)
I will not sell to members banned from pkmncollectors
I will likely trade for any Aggron line items I don't have. Flats aren't my thing though! (Except amada stickers) Here's my website: http://vedbendruins.weebly.com/ I will, however, trade for ANY Karrablast related item I don't have, cause he's my bebe. <3 (Specific wants here)
I only hold items for 24 hours unless you commit to a purchase (Don't make me hunt you down though bro I'm a fierce one)
Ask for a quote if you're unsure on shipping! I automatically hold items for 24 hours when you ask. c:
Please do not back out of sales once you've committed to buying! (Remember, fiercE)
I am not responsible for packages once I've shipped them.
All items come from a smoke-free and pet-free home. (Smoking pets however are not a liability)
Haggling is OK c; (Within reason of course)
All transactions will be screened 2 weeks after it has been completed to reduce clutter, if for some reason you need to see it after that time, feel free to ask! It's not like they flew off into space
Minimum purchase of $3 please! International minimum is $5, sorry! (I don't have good access to the post office and shipping prices internationally kinda crazy, but US packages I can ship from my abode)
Some packages will be shipped in Tyvek envelope (a material used to line homes) and be wrapped in bubble wrap since I am in short supply on bubble mailers. Please tell me if this bugs you or not! (I've never had an incident with them before, they basically require hulk strength to tear!)
Finally, I will not leave feedback unless I am personally asked to do so! My apologizes, but I simply cannot keep up with feedback, only transactions. Thank you for your understanding!
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Plundering Sails! - Plush


All plush have tush tag unless otherwise stated.
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Wants Post! Status: OPEN

This is my wants post. :) When I have enough funds it will be open, when I'm saving for something, It'll be closed.
Note: I do not normally have a lot of money, so please keep this in mind if you would like to sell something to me!
Wants under the cut!Collapse )


Feedback thread

This is my feedback thread, so if I bought from you or vice versa please leave your feedback here!  :)

When you leave feedback please include the following:

1) Leave whether I bought, traded, or sold something.
                     2) A rating such as great, good, okay, or poor. You can also use a rating such as 5/5, A+, etc.
3) Why it was great, good, okay, or poor. Ratings also can count for this.

When leaving feedback please be polite, fair, and honest. This will affect how I buy, trade, and sell.
If you have any questions or comments please feel free to ask me!  :)
1/2/12  EDIT: Leave feedback in the new feedback system! Thanks!


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