I am one of few words

but I say them over and over and over

Welcome to Rapture

Welcome friends to the interesting life of a regular Kenna. Normally, Kenna tend to flock towards things of similar nature to her such as video games, drawing, Pokemon, and other medium. Their environment is most comfortable when they are surrounded by toys, cool weather, and rock music. They are also becoming more knowledgeable by learning other languages that are not English. Spanish, Italian, and Japanese are examples of these. Though Kenna tends to get along with anyone, I would not recommend taunting Kenna as it may result in an unhealthy outcome to the aggressor. She also enjoys open-minded people. Want to talk to this weird human? Hold onto your hats kids! Kenna has a Twitter! (and Deviantart account and Youtube account, which I hope to get off the ground within the month of November, but we'll see) However, Kenna has a collection website called, "Vedbend Ruins" which is filled with her many Pokemon collections. Now, if you want to learn even more about the Kenna species, feel free to hit her up~ She usually isn't available though. (Species issues) but we hoped you enjoyed this educational film and come back soon!